on-site surveys

We can conduct on-site surveys of your hardware and devices to maintain service. Surveys can also help us understand your issues and find the best solution. We can discuss new improvements, fixings or any maintenance you might require. These vital services will help your business thrive and rule out issues before they interrupt your work.

touch screen displays

We are the suppliers of high-quality, large touchscreen displays (50″ – 100″) with a built in i5 / i7 computer. The displays run either Windows or Linux OS, with built-in loudspeakers and web cam, along with a flat screen display. Additional options for white-boards yields a very productive seminar/ teaching environment, aiding presentations and engaging audiences.


Our manufacturing partner can customise your company devices to maximise their potential and aid your business growth. Since the displays are manufactured to order, we can discuss any customisation or enhancements you require.