Graphic Design

image & video

We use various registered stock sites to gain ideas and imagery, but that doesn’t mean we don’t customise them. We use Adobe Photoshop to edit images to suit the product, adding colour, text and adjusting sizes. We can also create video content such as a landing page or informational video, if added to a website, these can be extremely effective. We can use either stock videos or your own clips for a more personal video.


Icons add another layer of detail and visual interest to a website, we can provide an array of existing icons through WordPress or we can make our own. We use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create high quality, vector based icons. Icons can help enhance information on your website and break up the writing to keep your viewer engaged, this is extremely important.

continuous branding

We can help you create a full brand for your company using our graphic design knowledge and experience. Our design team use the Adobe Creative Suite to create a brand identity including logo, colour work and promotional products. Whether you need help spreading your brand to other products or require a new look, we can help. If you need any advice or guidance, we can also provide your company with any help you may need.