Logos and Branding

importance of branding

At imagine Solutions, we understand having an identifiable brand is important to a company, big or small. Continuous and engaging branding attracts an audience and helps with visual association and how people recognise your company. We will create a brand using colour, logo, image and text to create an identity for your business. We can then apply this to websites, social media, promotional products and more, but it all starts here.

logo design

Logo design is extremely important for any business, having a logo that communicates what you do, as well as being attractive and appropriate can be difficult. We use our knowledge of Adobe software to create your dream logo, working in collaboration with you. Working alongside our clients helps to create a more personal product, combining the needs of the client with design.


If you need any advice on your existing logo or branding we can help, we will apply our same customer service and planning to reach your goal. We offer guidance to enhance your business through design, without the hassle.