promotional products

continous branding

When creating a brand for a company, consistency is very important as well as design. A customer needs to recognise your business simply from looking at one of your products, whether it be your logo, an image or a colour. Having engaging and consistent visuals in a promotional product will make your company stand out. We will work alongside your company to develop product which communicate your business and engage the audience.


Potential clients judge every aspect of a company before they make their decision, even if they don’t admit it. If a company has a high quality products they will automatically assume they are reliable and established. That is why it is important we get this right. Representation is something that is often looked over, seeing things from a consumer point of view is very important to have a well rounded product.

product design

We use Adobe software to design promotional material such as business cards, letterhead paper, brochures and compliment slips. The Adobe Creative Suite allows our designers to add a new or existing logo to the product, alongside our knowledge of branding this will create an effective product. Our team will take into consideration your personal choices and craft a product design which will communicate well to the audience.