Website Design

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We use latest the WordPress software to create a professional and well structured website. WordPress also gives us creative control over graphic design and branding, so we can add new or existing graphics for a continuous identity. At Imagine Solutions we offer the full package, so if you decide to build your website with us, we will also host it, giving you piece of mind that your site is safe. Hosting your website also means we can make any adjustments once it is published.

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At Imagine Solutions, we can utilise our experience in web development to improve your website. Having these skills allows us to explore variations and add more complex aspects to your website. We have existing codes that we can apply or we can write specific code for the project. These codes give websites details that the standard software cannot, setting your website apart from the rest.

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We understand that images and videos are extremely important on a website, visuals aid the information and attract attention, so they have to be used effectively. We use various registered stock sites, picking out the perfect imagery and adjust them to fit your site. We can also edit videos for an effective landing page or informational video for your site. We can also use any existing images from your company such as team headshots or photos of your office.